Friday update 20.01.2023

Hello everyone,

We hope that Tuesday’s snowy weather provided plenty opportunity to have some fun outside on the rare occasion that the school had to close for adverse weather.

Adverse Weather

May I remind you schools have a dial-in service if there is risk of closure due to adverse weather.

This allows parents to listen to a recorded message.

You can also access the highland school closure website on: for school closure information.

Dial 0800 5642272 Enter School Pin 041720 Press 1 to hear the school’s message.

This week as so many schools were closed there was a delay in our school’s name being added on the Highland Council website. On this occasion and in the future, any closure information will be posted on Google Classroom, our blog and Facebook.

Connect Us

We have decided not to renew the contract with app due to cost.  Communication will continue through Google Classroom, our school blog and Facebook.

Industrial Action

The EIS has given Highland Council notice that their members will be taking strike action on Tuesday 31st January 2023.

A decision has been made that all primary schools, including nurseries should remain closed.

If there is any change to this position, I will let you know.

The letter from Nicky Grant was posted on Google Classroom earlier this week.

Care Inspectorate

Following our nursery’s recent inspection, the Care Inspectorate have published their updated inspection report.

Please use the link below to access the report.

InSpires at Inverness Cathedral

InSpires at Inverness Cathedral are offering hot water bottles, blankets, food bags, gloves, toiletries, jackets and other winter essentials.

This can be accessed from Kenneth Street Hall on Wednesdays and Thursdays 10 to 12. 9-11 Kenneth St (little Kenneth Street)

Home School Partnership Learning

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by different cultures in different places. For people in China and Chinese communities around the world, the New Year celebration is full of fireworks, the colour red, and delicious food.

What’s the story behind this celebration?

You can listen to a Chinese New Year story by clicking the link below:

To mark the coming of The Year of the Rabbit, there will be a performance of a traditional Lion Dance by the world famous Hong Lok Dragon & Lion Dancing troupe in the Pedestrian Precinct on the High Street, Inverness on Monday the 23rd at 5.30pm.

Have a restful weekend

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Guzowski