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Kirking of the Council

We were delighted to take part in the traditional ceremony Kirking of the Council on Sunday 9th September.  We took part in the parade through the city to The Old High Church and enjoyed refreshments at the Town House after the church service.

P1 Class Blog

The Primary 1 pupils are settling really well in to their classroom. We have been working lots over the past couple of week on rules, routines, expectations and getting to know each other. This week we started learning on our number and phonics work. Many pupils are able to count forward to 20 and beyond. We are learning to form the numbers correctly, sequence them in the correct order and count on from a given number. We have also been doing a little work on counting backwards.  The phonics we have introduced and are learning are: s, a, t, i and p.  If you see these letters ask your child what the Sound is and what Jolly Phonics action goes with it.  Many pupils are grasping the phonics quickly. Great work….keep it up!

We have two term Topics during this term: Mini beasts and Transport. At present we are working on Mini Beasts. It appears that the children are really enjoying it as they are getting to explore in our newly refurbished school garden. On Thursday we went to the Cameron Youth Centre garden to explore and investigate with the P1/2 pupils. We used magnifying glasses and found a wide variety of mini beasts, including: ladybirds, slugs, snails, flies, wasps, spiders, wood lice, moths and earwigs.

Super lining up P1……keep up the great work!


House Point Cup Winners

The Readathon event that took place earlier this month was very successful and the children loved reading all of their books. There were over 26,000 pages read across the week, what an incredible total!

Members from the Parent Council attended our final Good News Assembly of the year to share the results and present the cup. Thank you to the Parent Council for organising this event and purchasing the cup for our school.

Urquhart were the winners who read a total of 8501 pages!

Leys, Cawdor and Ness all read lots too!

  • Leys  6926
  • Cawdor 6385
  • Ness 6043

Well done to all pupils, we hope you continue to read for enjoyment over the Summer holidays.

After School Activities

Please be reminded that there will be no Judo, Creative Writing, Choir or Chess clubs this week due to being the last week of term.

We would greatly appreciate your support to spread the word.

Thank you.

The Central Team