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ELC Learning

The children have been learning about Transport. They have been improving their fine motor skills by cutting and sticking 2D shapes to create their own mode of transport. The children are now able to identify circle, triangle, square and rectangle. The learners used loose parts to make their own transport models. They can recognize some road signs and are able to match them to 2D shapes.

Using recyclable materials we have improved our fine motor skills, numeracy and social interactions. The children had to count the yogurt pots and balance them to make the pyramid. The learners had to communicate and find the best solution. The pupils took on a role of being a Big Bad Wolf and tried to blow the pyramid down.

The children enjoyed PE session with P1 pupils. The children had to demonstrate how to use repeated patterns of movement to create a simple obstacle course.

We celebrated Valentines Day by baking heart shaped biscuits which they all took home.



Nursery information

The children will be going to watch Crunch at Eden Court tomorrow afternoon.  Please can you ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the wet weather, as we will be walking to Eden Court. We will be back for 2:30pm.

The children have teeth varnishing this Wednesday morning and Friday morning.  On Friday it is Christmas jumper day, so the children are very welcome to wear something Christmassy and make a donation of £1 to go to MFR Cash for kids.

Please remember the ELC is closed on Thursday for election.

Nursery learning

The children have been very busy this week practicing their Christmas Carols and making their lovely decorations for the fair.  They have enjoyed using their imaginations during role play using the new materials.  The Children have had fun exploring lots of ingredients and creating their lovely Christmas biscuits.  They have been using their imaginations and creativity using the loose parts to decorate the ELC and home corner with their Christmas decorations.

If you have any unwanted lanyards at home please bring them to the ELC.

Please can you ensure that your child has a spare change of clothes in their bag.


Nursery learning


The Children have been very busy this week exploring their new outdoor area.  They were playing in the mud kitchen “making pies” and using loose parts to make an obstacle course.  The children have also been learning about Scotland and the history of St Andrews day.

“St Andrew has two brothers called Simon and Peter,”

“He didn’t live in Scotland.”

We have been busy making Scottish flags and exploring new foods.  The children enjoyed porridge, oatcakes, flapjacks and haggis on Friday.  They had a great time using various materials to create their own tartans.

A child from the School was very kind and came to play the bagpipes to the children, which they all enjoyed and danced to.

”I liked the sound of that bagpipes.”

”I want to play bagpipes when I am older too.”

”I like it when it is noisy. it makes me dance.”

Two children from School will also be sharing their Highland Dancing skills with children on Friday.



Wear Your Stripes Day

Due to class photos being taken on Wednesday  we will be running ‘Wear Your Stripes Day‘ on Tuesday, 19th of November.

The children (including nursery) can wear traditional black and white stripes or dress in fun, bright, stripy clothes.

P4A will be holding an assembly to spread the message about  road safety.

Image result for zebra wear your stripes

Nursery learning

This week the nursery children had two special visitors – a police officer and a road crossing patroller. They listened very well to visitors and were learning how to cross the road safely. The pupils have become aware of the Green Cross Code. The children engaged in Autumn Hunt and learnt the rhyme of the week ‘’Scarecrow, Scarecrow’’.