Our Team and Classes

Our Team

Head Teacher
Mrs A Fraser

Acting Depute Head Teacher
Mrs M Guzowski

Principal Teacher         Acting Principal Teacher
Mrs S Gibb                      Mr S Monteith

Clerical Assistants
Mrs M Macdonald and Miss C Harrison

Class Teachers
Mrs R McMillan, Mrs  E Harvey, Mrs R MacLennan, Mr S Monteith, Miss J Morrison, Miss K Macleod, Miss L MacDonald, 

Support Teacher
Mrs I Bartkiewicz

Children’s Service Worker
Mrs R Bloomfield

Pupil Support Assistants
Mrs C Johnstone     Mrs S Morrison    Mrs A MacBean        Mrs A Mach     Mrs D McDonald        Mrs S Whiting   Mrs M Mahon   Miss S Henry (CSW)

Early Learning and Child Care Team
Mrs I Clark      Miss E Black      Mrs T Ferguson    Miss A MacLennan   Mrs J Cummings   Mrs E MacDonald   Mrs M Macintosh

Out of School Club
Mrs K Davidson and Mrs Y Bryla

Doorways Nurture Team
Mrs E MacKay and Mrs K MacKenzie

Catering Team
Mrs A Wylie

Road Crossing Patrollers
Mr D.Baird, Mr S Taylor, Mrs Byckowska

Primary Classes

P1          Mrs Guzowski and Mrs MacLennan

P2          Mrs McMillan

P3          Mrs Harvey

P4          Miss Morrison

P5/6       Miss Macleod

P6          Miss MacDonald

P7          Mr Monteith

Early Years Centre

We operate a flexible early learning and childcare system.  Currently, our opening hours are 8.00 am to 4pm Monday to Friday for the school year.

All children in the early years are eligible for a fully funded place of 30 hours per week from the term after their third birthday.

If you wish to have additional hours please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.  Any additional hours are charged at the rate of £4.40 per hour.

Enrolment into early years takes place in February where you can let us know your needs.

Before and After School Care

If your child is of school age and we have space then we can provide childcare before and after school within the opening hours.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is open from 8.00 am to 9.00 am. The rate for this care is currently £4.00 and includes breakfast.

After School Club

After school care is available from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.  The rate fro this care is currently £4.40 per hour for the first two hours and £11.66 for the full session.

Please note the charges for care is for a full hour.  The council do not operate half hour charges.

Any child attending the after school club in P1-3 will be collected and escorted to the club at 2.30 pm when their school day finishes.

Children from P4-7 will walk over at 3 pm.

Picking up your children

Please go to the entrance for the Early Learning and Childcare Centre ( Nursery) to collect your child from after school club.