School Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision is for all to love coming to school, aspire to be leaders of their own learning and leave feeling accomplished.   (Skipping In and Skipping Out)

Our values reflect the Highland Council Organisational Values  

At Central listening means everyone has a voice and is actively listened to. Everyone uses kind words and listens respectfully to others.

At Central open means that everyone has the confidence to take risks knowing that mistakes are a valued part of the learning process. We have an open door culture which should always encourage inclusion and confidence.

At Central valuing ensures all staff, pupils and parents feel important and respected. Valuing and respecting everyone’s role in the school community is important.

At Central improving means we are open to new ideas and ready to change. We value and strengthen existing good practice.

At Central supporting means everyone is always willing to listen in a non-judgemental way. It’s supporting and praising every member by every member of our school community.

At Central partnering means everyone working together and helping each other to achieve a shared goal and make our school excellent.

At Central delivering means having a shared vision which is shared by all and communicated to all.


Our Aims At Central Primary to do the above by:

Developing a caring, secure and stimulating school community where pupils, parents, carers, partner agencies and staff feel welcome and valued as individuals.

Encouraging parents/carers to become more knowledgeable about pupils learning through attendance at workshops, information meetings etc.

Working closely with parents and partner agencies for the benefit of pupils to ensure joint decision-making and the promotion of inclusion.

Promoting an ethos of achievement helping children to develop strengths, take pride in these and celebrate personal success.

Encouraging responsibility and independence and help children to develop confidence, raise self-esteem and practice self-discipline.

Teaching all areas of the curriculum in a way that is accessible and challenging for all pupils so they have the self-confidence to attempt new learning when it is encountered.