Enrolment- Starting at Central School

Infants join the school in August each year, but enrolment usually takes place in February on a date notified by local press advertisement to parents of prospective pupils, who are resident within the school area. If you are unable to use the enrolment week, please contact the school as soon as possible to arrange a mutually convenient time.

There is a full and effective induction period for children which includes:-

• visits to the Primary 1 classroom for the children and visits to the nursery classroom by the Primary 1 teacher throughout the pre-school year

  • a meeting for parents before the children start school
  • a meeting for parents once the children have started school to address any issues and show teaching methods.

Pupils outwith the catchment area

If your child lives outside the catchment area for the school, then a placing request should be submitted to the Area Education Office. There is no automatic transition from nursery to the main school or from Central to the High School. Applications for a placing request may be made to:

The Area ECS Manager

South Area

The Highland Council

Glenurquhart Road



01463 702074

Parental Guidance- Placing Requests

Placing request forms can be obtained from:


Please note if a placing request is granted, then parents are responsible for transporting children to and from the school.

Enrolling and transferring during the school year

If your child enrols into Central, other than starting Primary 1 in August, then we will do our very best to make the transition as smooth as possible. Central will immediately contact your child’s previous school to transfer records and data. You will be given all the necessary arrangements at the time of enrolling and usually we allocate a “buddy” to your child to help them settle in. If your child has additional support needs and finds it difficult to cope with change, then the school has specific transition arrangements for helping them to settle in and to ensure that their very first experience at Central is positive. This will be discussed during enrolment.


If your child leaves Central for any reason during the school year, then please contact the school to fill in a transfer slip. We need as much information as possible on this slip, especially interim contact details. If this does not happen then the Highland Council “Children Missing from Education” procedures will be followed.